Friday, September 21, 2007

Prevent Crime in Richfield: Give to Beggars

I got home early today... whoo-hoo. However, the drive home lead me to this sight.
That isn't exactly what I saw. (This picture comes from my return visit.) He actually opened up a cigar pack, unwrapped what must have been a cheap cigar, light it up, and puffed away. He also had a bottle of iced tea on the ground and some other stuff.

For reference:
The Portland exit from Crosstown.

Off the top of my head, I know at least three families within 1.5 miles of this spot. I've been driving through this area for well over twenty years. This year marks the only year I've seen so-called beggars on that patch... and so far I think I'm only up to four.

Perhaps I've seen them before and forgotten about them. I don't know. All the same I really don't want them there anyway. Especially when they have a sign like this one.
"I'd rather beg - than robb - God bless"

Written out poorly, with the word rob misspelled, and a good old God bless thrown in for good measure.

Really? That's your message??? Fine... I've got a message.

So, I drove down to the Richfield Police Department, which wasn't as far away as I thought. I wasn't hopeful that they would do much, or be able to do much. That's why I made a return trip with my handy camera.

Within about an hour I was back at the on ramp... there he was, cigarless this time. Thanks for posing, Scruffy.

For crying out loud, Richfield... get rid of these guys.

City of Richfield

Richfield Mayor and City Council

Richfield City Hall
6700 Portland Avenue
Richfield, MN 55423
(612) 861-9700
(612) 861-9749 (fax)

Richfield Public Safety Department
(612) 861-9800

Charity Guide: Richfield



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