Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Traditions: part five

The week of Christmas, the D&B puts up our stockings… which is a relief since I have no idea where in the Hell the damn things go when we store them or how they get hung up during Christmas. She’s not keeping secrets… she just knows, much like I just know how to put away all of the boy’s Thomas trains and rolling stock.

Of course, even she isn't immune to the tradition of dropping the ball on Christmas traditions... she's putting the stockings up right now as I blog. To make this more interesting, I didn't get anything for her stocking. I got her a few extra things for the Advent calendar-box-thingy-with-doors... I suppose that counts.

Christmas Eve sees a flurry of activity. Driving off to someone’s house. Driving back home after halfway to the destination because we forgot some presents. Hastily wrapping yet another forgotten present. Rushing off to a gas station to fill up. Filling out the cards in the car… with bumpy handwriting. Church at a mammoth church… either getting there early and waiting, or getting there on time and wandering around to find a seat. These days the boy gets too antsy… just like his old man, but with two of us we manage to get out and walk around. Somehow we find our car, then after about seven hours we start pulling out of the parking lot. Back to our relatives for diner… somehow there is no bar that I notice. Ever. We used to go out for diner… T.G.I. Friday’s, believe it or not. (I cannot say anything about this previous tradition without getting hit by my wife on behalf of her family.)

After eating we of course open presents… and the boy loves to help unwrap everything as well as throw away the wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows. After a little relaxing (again, without a tasty libation) we then rush out to get the boy home and into bed and the wife ready to go sing at our church. We also need to haul a few bags out of the car… and dump them unceremoniously inside somewhere with a few wrapped items (from Santa) prepared to be tucked under the tree as soon as a safe time appears.

The wife is out and the boy is asleep. Ah, Christmas time for Daddy. That means either I author a DVD for the new episode of Doctor Who as I've got folks counting on me, or I watch something fun on DVD.

Oh, shit! More last minute presents to wrap!



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