Friday, December 14, 2007

Pioneer Press Letter: Differences?

I wonder if the writer of the following letter knows the difference between the people she's talking about.
Follow the money

Let's read some more information in the Pioneer Press about William McGuire, UnitedHealth, the other CEOs, CFOs and COs who have received grotesquely inflated income and backdated stock options.

Haven't we heard enough about Sonia Morphew Pitt?

For example, where will this money be returned, and will it include income realized on these amounts? Will it be returned to UnitedHealth to line others' pockets?


West St. Paul

Is there a difference between Sonia Morphew Pitt (formerly of the Minnesota Department of Transportation) and the various chief officers of publicly traded companies?

Speaking of UnitedHealth, a high level government employee who may or may not work with the Attorney General's office refered to it and similar companies as The Dark Side. Neat... if you're a Commie.



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