Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Traditions: part four

Over the course of the Christmas season we also have a little case with twenty-five doors… it isn’t really an Advent calendar (although, I think Target believes it is), but it is close enough. It marks all of the days of December until Christmas in white with Christmas in red. We put little surprises behind each door… if we remember to do it. Some days are for the boy, some for me, some for the wife, some for the wife and me, and some for all three of us. Chocolate coins (otherwise known as Gelt), money, toy cars, magnets, candles, flowers… a little something to say “Whoo-hoo… it’s Christmas soon!”

More accurately, “Whoo-hoo… it’s chocolate, let’s eat it!”

Even more accurately, “Whoo-hoo… it’s a candle… let’s burn it!”

Candle. Aw, damn... forgot the Advent wreath again.



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