Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Strib Letter: G.W. Rebate No Good

Spot the flaw in this guy's logic.
Don't leave out the poor

The Bush administration's economic-stimulus package does not provide rebates for the very poor, specifically families making less than $24,900. Once again, this Republican administration wants to stiff the working poor in favor of the wealthy. Not only is this morally wrong, it is economically disastrous.

The working poor are far more likely to spend a rebate than the wealthy. That extra spending will create demand for products and services, which in turn will create jobs. In the end, business owners will see increased profits and will get their share.

Stiffing the working poor will only increase the federal deficit and dig us deeper into the recession we are likely already in.


Not enough rebates for folks who make under $25K. The natural questions, "I suppose", are how much tax do folks in that range pay, and how much to they get back?

What's more, do you really consider the middle class to be The Wealthy? Not only that, but isn't this guy talking about the same idea that folks chided President Reagan on in the 1980s?

Isn't Jeff Sommers suggesting that we should rob Peter to pay Paul?



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