Tuesday, January 08, 2008

BWCA Idiocy and Mayhem: Erzar and Fenske Update

Getting a lot of traffic... that must mean there's a development in the story of Barney Lakner and His Jackass Six.
You remember, he's the guy in his 30s who got a bunch of guys in their late teens and early twenties drunk (plus an underage, 16-year old, snot-nosed kid refered to as MU in the criminal complaint, apparently with a big mouth) on cheap beer, fired off guns, scared the shit out of a bunch of campers (possibly a bunch of wanky enviro-safe, urban dwellers who think the Indigo Girls are really neat), and "implied" that one of the girl campers was going to get used for hours.

For refreshers on the topic: Here, here, here, and here. Also, the charges and the criminal complaint.

The only defense brought to light by commentors here suggests that threats of rape are perfectly fine when you want some 'smores.

What's new?
As part of guilty pleas entered Monday, two of the six defendants charged with terrorizing campers in a drunken shooting spree last summer must testify against the others and can't enter the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for three years.

Which of the two morons?
Travis John Erzar, 20, charged with three felony counts of terroristic threats, six felony counts of harassment and one misdemeanor count of underage consumption.

Casey James Fenske, 19, charged with four felony counts of terroristic threats, six felony counts of harassment, one felony count of criminal damage to property, and misdemeanor counts of reckless discharge of a firearm and underage consumption.

Erzar apparently didn't do much.
Erzar said in court Monday that while he was along for the ride, he didn't yell or shoot any guns. He pleaded guilty not only to the felony count but also to a misdemeanor count of consumption of alcohol by a minor. He agreed to be sentenced to three years' probation, to testify if necessary at the trials of the remaining defendants, and to stay out of the BWCA for three years.

Yeah, we've heard folks say "it wasn't me" before... however, it's probably true. Barney and the other punks probably think Erzar is a pussy. "The fucking pussy didn't fire a rounnd and he turns us in." Erzar probably didn't like the crappy beer they had either. I can't say I would blame him.
...Fenske admitted firing his .22-caliber pistol 40 to 50 times that night into the water. He also admitted to shooting the door of a "gauging station," a government structure. In addition to the felony count, he pleaded guilty to a gross misdemeanor count of criminal damage to property and a misdemeanor count of reckless discharge of a firearm.

Perhaps he was just excited to see (or be seen by) one of his friends skinny-dipping.

I can only imagine what the guys themselves really think... or if they are browsing this very blog right now.

Future updates to come. How do I know?
The attorney for a third defendant, Zachary Barton, 20, said in court Monday that they too are negotiating a potential plea. Sandvik ordered Barton to reappear Jan. 22. Also scheduled to appear that day for pretrial hearings are defendants Barney Lakner, 38, and Jay Olson, 19. The 16-year-old's case is pending in juvenile court, Conrow said.

This might get wrapped up by the middle or end of February. Even when the case is over, we'll never know if any of those folks are at least a little creeped out by a 38-year old man plying a kid as young as 16 with (crappy) beer and letting some of them go skinny-dipping.

Anyone? Anyone?

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