Monday, May 19, 2008

Socialism and Environmentalism

I just learned some old news. I didn’t know when I was well off.

Driving to work this morning I saw a Prius with a websiste and another logo stenciled on the back. Hourcar. The Our stood out with darker lettering. How sweet… a socialist bent. It called to mind the Yellow Bicycle idea that St. Paul used with community bikes.

Yellow Bicycle program
Yellow Bike program

Hmmm. The name might not mean shared property. Perhaps it is a market driven idea using a socialist idea to promote the concept. You know… rental by the hour.

Oh, were that the case.

(I'm probably WAY behind the curve on this.)

This is a car sharing project by a non-profit outfit. Apparently, it saves you thousands of dollars. (So does not buying a house.) Apparently, you should think of it as “go-anywhere transit”. (As long as you eventually reach an Hourcar hub.) Apparently, you can protect the environment. (With a Prius, which some contest is a bit “harmful” in the manufacturing.)

They compel visitors to the website:

Join Us!

I see Kevin McCarthy running down a busy highway.

Just see Part of the Solution to see “What’s Your Vision for the Future?”

Would you prefer a Smiley Face on your Air Quality Index or a Frowny Face? Would you prefer a flock of birds soaring over a lake or a bird covered in oil (EVIL oil, I tells you!) and much? Would you prefer a hazy Minneapolis skyline or a crisp and clean skyline? (I suspect the pictures might have been simply taken at different times of the day.) Would you prefer a lovely green park just outside Minneapolis (in view of the skyline) or some construction yard with noisy and dirty construction vehicles?

According to their website, hOURcar was founded by the nonprofit Neighborhood Energy Connection.

Apparently, they offer “tools” for energy-efficient living. I suspect you can’t pick up those tools at your neighborhood hardware store.

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