Thursday, February 07, 2008

That's My Girl

Soucheray often comments on living in “a house divided”. Like the concept of The Look, I suspect most folks understand living in a house divided. With that in mind, you won’t be surprised if I say my wife leans to the left. Oh, she’s come a long way in the past fifteen years, but old habits are hard to break. She’s a far cry from the hard core lefty from before.

In any case, she’s come to regard President and Senator Clinton as the bane of politics and a black eye upon our country. She also has a feeling about Senator Obama. Regarding the Republican contenders she doesn’t yet feel much of anything toward any of them, but she has reservations regarding Senator McCain.

As she left for the caucus she told me she sees no reason at this time to vote for anyone in the campaign… so she intended to vote against the candidate who rankles her most. Senator Hillary Rod-ham Clinton.

Although she is my Dutiful and Beautiful Mrs. Badda, she doesn’t really want to blog… however, her caucus experience entertained the Hell out of me and made me proud. She’s writing down the details… but until they come in, I’m going ahead with the story. With that in mind, this post will get updated.

She brought our son to the DFL caucus. Since she arrived a little late she couldn’t immediately find a parking space. Once inside, she waited in line to find her precinct number and in which room that precinct was meeting. Was it up, was it down? Down the left hall or the right hall? She spent about ten minutes trying to find the damn room. Of course, the boy wasn’t really enjoying himself.

Eventually, one of the city council members (possibly Susan Rosenberg) ran into my wife. Perhaps this woman could help my wife find the right room. Well, my wife told her how frustrated she was with the lack of organization and assistance and that she was almost ready to give up. Oh, no… a woman on the city council (and at a DFL political event) wouldn’t let that happen. Local politics to the rescue! Did my wife need to find her precinct? “No! I already know my precinct number. I simply need to find the right room.”

Oh. I can’t help you. With that, the brave, knowledgeable, enabling, and supportive female city council member turned tail and walked off. See you next Thursday!

My wife’s got some German, Irish, and probably something else feisty and stubborn in her… and that damn council member only annoyed her enough to find that effing room. Of course, she did.

She walked up to a short line to sign in. Ahead of her was a DFL mom with a young son ready to take part in his first presidential election. The kid didn’t know exactly what to do and clearly had some reservations. “Just sign this thing here,” said the impatient DFL mother. The kid said he didn’t know if he even wanted to be there. “Just sign here,” said the loyal DFL helper. The kid still didn’t know if this was right for him. “Just hurry up and sign!” said the DFL mom. Isn’t that considered coercion and harassment?

“Back off,” said my most Dutiful and Beautiful wife. “He said he hasn’t made up his mind.” She then turned to the yout’ (as Joe Pesci would say). “Look, this vote is yours and yours alone and you don’t need to do anything that anyone tells you if you don’t agree.” The kid looked relieved at someone backed him up. The others looked shocked and stunned that anyone, much less a woman and a lone mother, would possibly obstruct the process.

Who wouldn’t be proud? That’s not all.

After the sign-in, she got into the room and took a seat. Now, I suspect it isn’t for nothing that they held this caucus in a junior high school. According to my wife the room was chaotic, unorganized, and full of idiots who wanted to be heard. (Herd?)

Out of such chaos must come order, though… but when? Eventually, they get to the straw poll with proposals to alter the DFL platform by adding, changing, or removing items. Oh, did they have suggestions. Not only that, they want to get “their money’s worth” so they quickly propose them, vote on them, and move on to the next one. Predictable as ever, some hand-wringing socialist demanded Universal Health Care. (What? It isn’t already in the platform??? The devil must be in brand new details.) Very well. All in favor…

Whoa, Trigger. Any chance someone might have a question? (Yeah, that was my wife stopping the show.) “Who is going to pay for all of this?” Stunned silence. Hostile expressions. Daggers from eyes. Looks that kill. She continued by telling the whole room that she works hard for her son and family. For that pleasure, she sees 40-percent of her income goes away to only God know? She tells the room that in spite of what they may think of her, she isn’t rich by any sane standard in this country and that they all should know because they should all come from the same precinct. She says she comes from a family that strongly supports the Democrat party (under varying successes and failures) and married a man with strong conservative principals and questions both sides constantly. Someone will be forced to pay for this… and for every other proposal and goal that you folks desire. There are side-effects and unintended consequences. Think about them.



All in favor? All but two hands were raised.

All opposed? My son raised his hand. (God, thank you for my son.) That allowed for a slight pause, letting my wife raise her arm a little bit for just a –


Regardless of the amount of buffoonery, my wife made her voice heard and my son made his first stand against socialism… all within hours of my wedding anniversary.

I am a rich man, indeed.



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