Friday, May 02, 2008

BWCA Idiocy and Mayhem: Barney Lakner Update (May)

A brief update on the Ely Six. Essentially, we have more waiting. Not much on the kid (MU in the criminal complaint... the Star-Tribune had it).

Take a moment to review the newspaper stories and the criminal complaint… specifically, the way the “kids” allegedly threatened to have sex with one of the camper’s daughters, which was seen as unwanted

Evidently, they wanted to bore her to death. (I bet this kid could "interfere" with an olive without disturbing the pimento.)

(Courtesy: Duluth News Tribune… and commenter "Observer")
County attorney wants two Basswood shooting suspects tried together

Barney James Lakner, 37, of Ely appeared in Lake County District Court Tuesday but made no formal plea and has been rescheduled to appear again June 2.

Lake County Attorney Russ Conrow signaled at today’s hearing that he wants to try Lakner and another man, Jay Andrew Olson, 19, also of Ely, together. It’s likely both trials will take 10 days each, considered a huge block of Lake County courtroom time, Conrow said, and each will require potentially dozens of the same witnesses to testify.


“It would be a huge expense to do this twice. There are a lot of witnesses. ... A lot of people [who were threatened] want to be part of this,’’ Conrow said after today’s brief court hearing.

Olson’s attorney, David Keegan of Duluth, likely will reply to the formal request to join the two trials at a May 12 hearing. Lakner’s attorney will formally respond on June 2. Olson has pleaded not guilty. Keegan was not immediately available to comment today.

A trial or trials probably would be held later this year.

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