Monday, November 14, 2011

Passing Down Favorites

I love showing my son stories, toys, movies, and events from my past. Legos from my youth are just as cool to a young kid now. Driving past my old neighborhoods and describing what we did all summer, or any time of year, is a delight. But for some reason, watching a film captures something special.

In most cases the film hasn't changed at all, so you can remember and relive the old days while watching the wonder in the eyes of a new audience. Sometimes, your memory leaves out small details... or details that seem small but become a little larger when they are presented to the kid.

For example, one of my all time favorite comedy films is "Young Frankenstein". I never saw all of the Universal 1930s "Frankenstein" before seeing Mel Brooks' classic parody, at least not to my knowledge. My sister and I rented that movie over and over and over and laughed each and every time.

My wife didn't want me to show the whole thing to him, and I agreed, but mostly since he should see the Universal films first. So downstairs to the comfy couch we go to watch a few key scenes.

Each scene he repeated a line or two with a huge smile on his face! Pure joy... laughing with my son over the same things.

"Put! The candle! Back!"

"There wolf. There castle."

"Sedagive. Give him a sedagive!"

"Walk this way. This way, this way."

"Frau Blucher."

Unfortunately, he caught a line that I thought he would miss completely. Which line?

As long as he doesn't say it at school, I'm fine.