Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Learning to Speak... and Other Useful Skills

My boy has a few words under his belt. Well, perhaps not full words, but basic sounds that seem to be used for specific concepts.

Bah = Ball
Bah = Bottle
Bah = Drink of water
Ffff = Food
Ffff = Frog
Ssss = Socks
Ssss = Shoes
Wah = Water

He recently repeated the word "eggs" after my wife asked if he wanted more eggs for breakfast. That stunned us on the spot. ;) He also knows that his mother is to be refered to as "Mama" and "Mamama" or even "Mamamamamama".

Now, not that long ago he started pointing to me and saying "Da-iee". I would hide behind a door or a couch, my wife would ask "Where's Dad?", he would point to where he thought I was, say "Da-iee", and I would pop out (with a huge smile).

That's not the only little thing he's learned. He's learned how to be a smartass. While feeding him the other day I asked "Where's Dad?", to which he pointed at me and said, "Mama". My wife loves that. "No!" I laughed. "Where's your dad? Where's Daddy?"

With wide open eyes, hands clasped, and a small voice he said, "Mama." Very insistent though.

"No, no, no!" I couldn't cointain either my laughter or my frustration. "I'm Dad! Where's Dad?"

"Mamama," he growled with a grin. He even looked back at his mother to get her approval... approval for sticking it to Dad.

He knows who Dad is, he knows who Mom is, and he knows how to be funny. That's my boy!


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