Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Have You No Shame 2: Louts on Airplanes

I'm not sure I'd have the courage (or more accurately, the resolve) to attempt sex in a plane. Considering the state (and size) of most airline toilets courage (and resolve) might be the least of concerns.

That said, if you thought you had the perfect opportunity and tried it... but were caught by air stewards, wouldn't you be just a little embarrassed? If not, would you have the gall to get angry? If so, how could you justify verbal insults to and spitting on airline employees?

Perhaps you could if you were a pair of boorish jackasses. (The story appeared on Saturday.)

Have you no shame?!?!?! (Perhaps the lack of shame and the excess abuse were in part due to the couple's intoxicated state... still no excuse, though.) Again, if I attempted this I would be completely embarassed. I wouldn't be able to look the airline staff in the eye. For that matter, if I was merely acting like a drunken lout I wouldn't be able to look the staff in the eye.

The story says the couple face charges of air rage... which is a term I can't stand. Regardless of whether it is on the roadway or in a plane the folks appear to be disruptive, intoxicated, and to have assaulted others.

The pilot decided he needed to divert the plane... and the couple may end up having to pay the costs for it, which runs £20,000... or more than $58,000. Another article sets the cost at £34,000.


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