Friday, January 06, 2006

Blogger Coming Out: M.D.E.

MDE from Minnesota Democrats Exposed now has a name... he revealed his identity Wednesday since he was served with legal papers.

I'll continue to call him MDE. I'll also be dropping some money into the legal defense fund. I hope you do to. MDE tried to maintain his blog without revealing his identity. Considering some of the hate e-mail he receives I understand why. Now some Minnesota DFLers are hoping to weaken his position... and if they succeed, who knows where they will strike next.

(I certainly doubt any of them would come to me, but that's not the point. These folks don't want blogs to diminish the power of the MSM... so lets stick it to them.)

By the way... Blois?!?!?! What kind of name is Blois? Swedish? French? If you say it fast enough it sounds like you're sneezing. Probably a perfectly fine name... if you are the type of person who cooks up a silly lawsuit.


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