Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blois and His Underwhelming Monochromatic Lawsuit

Kennedy vs. The Machine made an interesting point in a post this week regarding anonymous bloggers in the world of politics. He originally brought the point up to local one of the co-publishers of Politics In Minnesota Sarah Janacek in an e-mail. (Janacek made mention of the PiM policy to use online sources if they are named.)
What happened to the rich tradition of “Publius” and the pamphleteers of old? Your policy would prohibit publication of the Federalist Papers today.
Janacek acknowledged the great point and even referenced the point in the PiM newsletter adding, "touché".

The struggle goes on regarding the lawsuit from PiM and recently named blogger at Minnesota Democrats Exposed (who shall go unnamed here).

Mitch at Shot in the Dark posted about it this morning in a topic labeled: It's About Speech. (One of the usual suspects insists on taking himself entirely too seriously... enough to derail the train.)

I can't really add much. This subject will hardly cause me any trouble one way or the other... I'm doing a new blog, I'm quite green, I'm not always political, I'm not often original, and I can't see my blog or myself making any victories against the Citizens For Canonizing Wellstone! crowd (although I'll gladly make a donation to a cause who will make victories against those loonies).

Even so, I don't want our government (let alone anyone else's government, or the UN... madonn'!) getting their fingers into the internet pie. I don't want to reveal my name... anonymity for folks publishing political speech continues the great tradition of Publius. (Again, I'm hardly a political writer, but you never know what may happen.)

In any case, right now I have very close friends, family members, and professional contacts that have no idea that I am doing this. Some do... but the vast majority does not. It gives me a certain freedom to mention topics and people without revealing them, not to mention private thoughts of any kind.

I might decide to comment on a certain person I worked for couldn't find her ass (or the department's) with both hands and a road map (and she constantly dressed unprofessionally)... small, momentary gripes with a friend that, if mentioned, might cause more trouble than they are worth... or subjects that are looked down upon in public circles.

Back to Blois and His Underwhelming Monochromatic Lawsuit... even if the case doesn't affect me either way it might affect the next Publius whether he lives in Minnesota, California, or (God help him) the District of Columbia.

We can and must win. I've seen support for MDE on both sides of the political fence. I'm sure enough of us consider it worth dropping a few hard earned dollars into the defense fund. (If necessary, I'll continue to put off buying Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith... it's mediocre anyway. Stupid Lucas!)


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