Monday, January 02, 2006


Here we are... 2006. Last year seemed to rush on by. The Spring seemed to pass quickly, then the rest of the year jumped into high gear.

My favorite parts include the walking and talking of Badda-Toddler, my friend's wedding, a warm and fond farewell from co-workers, a nice trip out of state, "Batman Returns", and a rather pleasant evening with the Dutiful and Beautiful Mrs. Badda-Blogger.

For the new year I hope Badda-Toddler proves statistics wrong and doesn't become a whiny little tantrum machine. (I'll continue to do my part, of course regardless of his mood and behavior.) I also hope for an end to contract assignments... at least in such a way that a I find a regular gig. With a little luck additional voice-over gigs might come my way, too. I want to see a few of my good friends more... in particular one who is getting on in years and seems to keep to himself a bit more than he used to. I wish to read more... fiction and non-fiction. (Maybe of the books sitting on my shelves I haven't yet dug into.) I hope the new Superman film triumphs.

I also hope to find the perfect anniversary presents for my wife. Most every year I try to go way over the top with a traditional form of anniversary gift. Couples traditionally celebrate the first anniversary with paper gifts... so I made the Dutiful and Beautiful Mrs. Badda-Blogger laugh with bulk purchases of paper napkins, tissue, paper towels, and toilet paper. When the wood anniversary came I bought clothes pins, rat traps, matches, pencils, hickory for the grill, firewood for the fireplace, cooking spoons, a model plane, bambo skewers, cedar hangers, cedar blocks, and a lighter. Last year I had to work with candy and iron... so plenty of jelly beans and chocolates as well as some iron candle holders, an iron picture frame, and a nice new iron (and a steamer). She's always loved the thought, effort, and silliness.

This year I'm looking at wool and copper. Obviously, I'll need to consider my options. I may stray into more practical items again... like the year I just bought her nice casual shoes for our leather anniversary or the comfy sweatsuit for our cotton anniversary. Damn... I want to get her something silly. (Duracel, the copper top batteries, must be included but I'm going to need more.)

In any case, we've enjoyed a fairly benign start... let's just hope it doesn't fly by so quickly.


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