Friday, January 06, 2006

More Galactica Tonight


Really some of the best sci-fi television in a long time. I've enjoyed the show much more than the recent offering from George Lucas... but that doesn't say much.

Battlestar Galactica tonight.
Doctor Who probably in March. (The DVDs for last season come out February 14th.)
Rescue Me sometime this Spring.

I'm excited for them all... each show really has something strong and entertaining.

I thought new episodes for The Sopranos would be out this March, too... but the news on HBO's site is a little vague. Eight bonus episodes have been commissioned for 2007, but it doesn't specifically say whether those extra eight will get shown with season six or if they will be a short season seven. An old news item from May of last year states that season six will air sometime in March or April. I'm hopeful.

I still have to go back and watch early episodes from this season of House.

UPDATE: 10:04 PM
Just so you know, tonight's episode of Battlestar Galactica was the total effing shit! As in previous episodes, spoilers do not ruin anything for this series. It's totally sexy.

UPDATE: 8:45 PM, Saturday January 7th, 2005
A fairly reliable rumor tells me that Doctor Who may not begin the new season until sometime in April. Well at least BSG will take me into March... and the possibility exists that Rescue Me may start then. House ought to be in running new episodes, too. Damn, I'm impaitent!


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