Friday, January 27, 2006

Rally, Protest, Petition

Anyone have friends, relatives, co-workers, or other folks e-mail various news and information regarding urgent news. It isn't an issue of politics or philosophy... certain folks just do it regardless of their viewpoint. They are the champions of the cause... sometimes self oppointed.

(All this is rich coming from a guy with a blog, huh.)

Typically, you get an idea of who's on your team and who isn't. If you're observant (or in some cases, not annoying) you strike those folks off your vast list of e-mail addresses.

I'm sure many recipients, even the true believers, just ignore the news or information. Most of us have too much to do to gather outside the grocery store to hold signs promoting Peace (as opposed to the much more useful Liberty) or to go to a fundraiser for folks who belong to a group supported by George Soros.

That's fine. I like to ask questions, speak my mind, challenge unsupported claims, find out more. You know... talk to folks. This isn't always welcome from the folks who e-mail me with an invitation to support causes that run opposite of my causes. This is what happened with a friend of the Dutiful and Beautiful Mrs. Badda-Blogger... we'll call her The Champion.

I'll collect a few e-mails... you'll see, although I'm sure this will be all to familiar. (I'm sure I'll have to edit down to the highlights... this stuff runs long.)


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