Wednesday, January 25, 2006

She's Not Serious... She's a Feminist (part 2)

My recent post on feminism mentioned a few key reasons why columnist Mike S. Adams doesn't take feminists seriously. (The Anti-Strib gang also took notice of his column, namely point number three... of course, a frequent visiting loony derailed the topic.) He's continued the subject and added additional reasons.
I've encountered point number five several times, most recently at a bar with some friends' friends.

Anyone seen an angrier, more bitter, joyless bunch of folks than the folks you tend to find in a Womyn's Studies course, a group of NOW supporters (or NAG, as Rush describes them), or celebrity spokeswomyn for womyn's organizations?

I've met plenty of women who consider themselves feminists but hate the image that these harridans have crafted for them since the 70s. Let's face it. As Adams mentioned in point one previously, most of the issue for women have all been dealt with. Hey, Sweetheart... you can vote already!

Folks like Cameron Diaz either have their heads so firmly planet up their individual (and collective) asses that they wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and licked them or they are scaremongering. (Anyone remember the comment she made on Oprah's voting party show? "
If you think rape should be legal then don't vote!")

I'm sure she thinks she's funny because the Farrelly brothers gave her some good lines and good gags in "There's Something About Mary" and because she was a good sport with the so-called hair gel in the movie... but she's got no sense of humor. What is she? You know what a woman uses as an insult when she hates another woman? THAT'S what she is. I'd love to use the word... and I have on numerous occasions, but I'll keep it off the blog right now.

Adams hints that another installment of this subject might see the light of day.

Whoo-hoo! That sounds vagirific!


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