Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Strib Editorial: Market vs. Environment

The Star Tribune's Sunday editorial entitled "Market Forces Alone Don't Aid Environment" might as well have been called "Government Should Force to Aid Environment".

I'll grant the author credit for being brief. However, the piece was so brief that we skeptics come up with plenty of questions... chief among them, "What makes you think we market folks don't want to aid the environment?"

The green weenies (not necessarily the author) often portray anyone to the right of the chick who lived in the tree for more than a year as the scourge of Mother Earth (who would hurt their own mother!) as well as down right mean.

Many of us hunt, fish, keep a garden, raise crops, or have relatives that do. At least half of my family covers that ground. (Unfortunately, it seems like a few of the others are Earth muffins, if you know what I mean.) My late grandfather took care of a state park. I mow my lawn and buy my wife flowers.

In any case, the editorial mentions that the US ranks low in terms of clean air, clean water, greenhouse gas emitions, forestry, etc. Just out of curiosity, who ranks above us and why? Who ranks below us and why?
  • Are per capita figures worked into these ratings?
  • What is the general political wind in these countries?
  • What kind of presence do organizations like Greenpeace have in those countries?
  • What kind of eco-terrorism is commited against those countires?
  • What kind of eco-terrorists come from those countires, if any?
  • What do those countires produce?
  • Are their economies growing, sustaining, or shrinking?
Just curious.



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