Friday, January 27, 2006

Mobilize the Troops

Get out your contrarian hat, check your bank account for donation money, and prepare your political form letters.

Or not.

The anti-Alito crowd is in a dither... so much so that failed presidential candidate (and the elitist defeatist) Senator Kerry hopes you sign his petition.

How do I know? One of my wife's friends informed me:
I've been quiet for a while BUT....
...the time has come to rally together, for a reason...and one that we will all have to live with A LOT longer than just a four (or eight) year term if this nomination goes through.

Pleas consider signing the petition for a filibuster against Alito's nomination:

Thank you.

With peace and love,
The Champion (name changed to protect the arrogant)
I was moved at her sense of civic duty and patriotism... so moved that I hope to mobilize troops in the opposite direction.

Which is odd, because I suspect that those here at Anti-Strib will do just about nothing to counter the anti-Alito crowd. One, because the Alito supporters don't need to do much; two, because Alito supporters figure he's getting in regardless; three, because Alito supporters have other places to use our time and money; and four, the uber-anti-Alito crowd here are already doing something.

Why post this?

Somewhere out there The Champion knows I'm mocking her... and her aura has darkened. She might even have a reflexive frown from my post. She's probably praying to the Goddess right now.



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