Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sen. Kerry: Onionesque

National Review's Corner points out a little something from James Taranto (Best of the Web at Opinion Journal)... he uses current news to show how John Kerry is trying to out-do The Onion.
"Kerry Makes Whistle-Stop Tour From Deck of Yacht"--headline, The Onion, Feb. 18, 2004

"Kerry was in Davos, Switzerland, attending the World Economic Forum when he called for the filibuster. Democratic sources tell CNN that Kerry called fellow Democratic senators Thursday to rally support."--CNN, Jan. 27, 2006

Hey, while I'm at it here's more from The Onion.
Friday, January 27, 2006

West Wing Canceled
NBC canceled its critically acclaimed show The West Wing after seven seasons. What do you think?

Janelle Peterson,
Social Worker
"The Democrats are even out of fake power?"

Love the Onion. (I'm still fond of the story about the deadlock in the National Funk Congress.)


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