Friday, February 24, 2006

Good/Bad Computer News

Good news always seems to come with bad news. My new computer stuff arrived swiftly with everything apparently in order. Of course, I cannot find one of my software keys. Argh.

I had to clean off my perfectly messy desk to hunt down various disks... none of which included a key written on them or an attached note with the key. Far too many CDs and DVDs were unlabled, or poorly labled. That'll learns me.

My wife found her disk and her key... at least we think it's her key. I don't know if I can, but we'll try to look up the key on her computer and see if it matches the key on the software lable she found yesterday. She also wants to root around my desk and office to see if she can find something that I might have overlooked. The room adjoining my office also looks a complete mess... I'm going to hunt through there, too. I bet the Dutiful & Beautiful Mrs. Badda-Blogger wants to double-check my work in that room, too.

If anything, the rooms will be a little cleaner. I must remember to get more garbage bags, though.

Blogging from home might start up again this weekend... depending on if we find the key or if I shell out the extra bucks to re-buy the software.

We probably will find it... considering I have the money to buy the software again. Murphy's Law would suggest that if I didn't have the money then the disk would never turn up. (At least not until I did have money.)


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