Thursday, February 02, 2006

Strib Letter: Groundhog Sees Doom & Gloom

For eff's sake, this woman needs to take a poetry class and get her anti-Bush spleen vented in a room with other like-minded whiney-woos.

Barbara J. Miller of Eagan writes what the Strib calls the Letter of the Day. Apparently, yesterday's patriotic letter was too much for their Left-Leaning feelings so they had to make themselves feel good with some pablum puking nonsense writing she-author.

The Strib titled the letter, "A Chill That Will Last Longer Than Six Weeks". Keep it coming Barbara... keep it coming Strib. You're motivating us more than anyone else.

Staggering into the light of day, the American Voter stares in horrified fascination at the country. It has morphed into a place where illegal search and seizure is defended. Where torture is condoned. Where young people are shipped overseas to die. Where the earth is melting, plague threatens and hardly anyone seems to care very much about either. Where corruption runs rampant in government and business. Where checks and balances have been shelved and where the Constitution has become optional.

The American Voter sees all the dark shadows. So what'll it be: the cave or the voting booth? It's time to decide.

By the way, no it is not time to decide. That time comes in November.

She might be the same Barbara J. Miller who used the language in Minnesota's handgun law to claim our governor was insensitive to mentally retarded folks.

She might also have posted a letter to the Strib (where else) on Morning in America Day (November 5th, 2004).
The day after the election, I crawled to my computer. There were just two e-mails. Two! In the preceding days, they were coming in at a rate of two per second!

Friday morning, I stepped outside and saw my shadow. That means I'm vertical again. And when Democrats see their shadows on Nov. 5, it means four more years of hard work.

Listen! If you put your ear close to your computer, you can hear thousands of fingers clickety-clicking on Democrats' keyboards, all across the country. It is begun.

She is a self-employeed writer (who uses the title Ms., if that means anything to you) who has given money to John F. Kerry and Howard Dean. (Big surprise.)




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