Thursday, June 22, 2006

Democrat New Direction

James Lileks is ours. He hails from Good Old St. Paul and Big Time Minneapolis, as Mischke would say. (Probably more from Big Time, at least based on his comments regarding his college days at the U of M.)

In any case, Lileks, The Bleat, and the Diner (from somewhere around the muddy ditches of Highway 61) come from a local boy... and boy can this local write.

He is just as sarcastic as Ann Coulter, but without Basil Fawlty/Blackadder sarcasm... which is fine because I'm not sure he could do that kind of sarcasm as well as Ann.

Lileks mentions that the Democrat party loves coming up with slogans. So many they might want to consider a quality control plan.

What new slogan have the sons and daughters of FDR crafted?
...another phrase focus-tested into a thin smear of rhetorical mush: "A New Direction for America." Disaffected Republicans were heartened. You mean less spending, quicker confirmation of conservative judges, permanent tax cuts and increased military outlays? Well, no. Nancy Pelosi announced that should the Democrats retake the House, item No. 1 will be bold and sweeping: They will "give America a raise by increasing the minimum wage."

I'll quote Judge Smails.
"Well... we're waiting!"

Oh! That was the new direction.
The minimum wage was indeed a New Direction — last century, anyway. But when the unofficial GOP slogan is "Fight and win the War on Terror by blowing up more bad guys real good," a call for a wage boost is like running against FDR with a pledge to reduce postal rates.

I won't go on (like I did on Anti-Strib yesterday... whoa, that horse charged outta the stable!)

Before you rush off to read his column for this week, I'll leave you with another fine couple of lines that made me laugh.
The Dems' manifesto goes on. My, it does go on.

"Lower Gas Prices and Achieve Energy Independence." By cutting the gas tax? More nukes? ANWR? Faster, pussycat! Drill! Drill! Right? Alas: They will "crack down on price gouging," presumably by hiring 100,000 people to roam the land looking at gas station signs and comparing notes...

Maybe James isn't your bag... but you gotta admit, that man can write.


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