Monday, August 21, 2006

Nice Work if You Can Get it

Further blockades to blogging... work. Hey, not that I mind working. However, I suspect when I actually get a moment or two in the office the higher-ups might frown on such activities. At the very least I'll try to keep some kind of journal at work and e-mail it to myself so I can post it later.

Damn. This will really slow me down at Anti-Strib. Note to self: Must read Strib to find material to fisk. This shouldn't be hard to do. I normally get to work fairly early. If only I can find a free Star-Tribune.

My father-in-law wanted me to get a paper so we could start a fire... I said I might even have a hard time spending the money on the Strib in spite of the flame sacrifice.

Not only does work confound my blogging, but my schedule seems to have filled up. My father-in-law (mentioned previously) is staying with us, and he's good to talk to. We all went out this past weekend to watch "Cars"... the third time for me and the Badda-Toddler. He's a NASCAR guy, so he got a big kick out of the film. Once again the boy behaved wonderful... which children older than he whined, moped, talked, moved around, and generally made pains in the ass (pains in the asses, or maybe pain in the asses, or is that the collective ass?) of themselves. Chalk up another point to me and the Dutiful and Beautiful. (Whoo-hoo, wife! We're better parents!) We also met up with some friends and their daughter to see Thomas the Tank Engine in Stillwater.

Add to that friends who recently had their first child. Dutiful and Beautiful helps them out, as do I... although I quickly pointed out that any advice I give might only be 20% useful, considering this has all happened before. (They are great folks with fairly good heads fairly well screwed upon themselves with enough exposure to kids and experience with kids to be great parents... what do they need from me?)

Not only that, but I've made time to get out on Thursdays to support the Anti-Strib gang for trivia at Keegan's. Ahem... First Place three games running. That's the late game on Thursday August 10th, plus the early and late game on August 17th. We even tied for second during the early game on August 10th. Watch out Team Salem, we aim to give you a run for your money. (Speaking of which, I better cough up some cash to Tracy.)

Fairly good night yesterday watching Comedy Central's Roast of William Shatner. Although, whoever is in charge of Farrah Fawcett really ought to either up her dosage, cut her dosage, or return her to her ward. How was she ever a sex symbol? She's so creepy and dumb.

As if that were not enough, my friends regularly get together Fridays for role playing games... and for some time now I've been running their Cthulhu setting. (Yes, that makes me a total geek with dork frosting and a extra side of dweeb.) Last Friday we brought cheese and wine. I'm more of a cocktail guy, but I enjoyed a little Shiraz and a nice Cab-something-or-other... plus a delicious Danish Blue and a remarkable Stilton. In any case, it was a good time... soon, we'll cook more. Even sooner, the guys will visit an archeological dig in 1920s Scotland where a coven of witches wait to bring about the end of the world. (Like you do.) Must take more notes. Geek-a-geek-a-woo.

More important note to self: cholesterol is quite high... must lower from the 270s before November. Must. Start. Running. Walking. Panting. Sweating. (Attempts at convincing Dutiful & Beautiful that frequent vigorous sex works better as an aerobic exercise have not proven sucessful... but just wait until she hears my life depends on it! Ah-HA!)

What does vodka do for cholesterol? Lime juice? How about a nice mild cigar on the front lawn?

Tomorrow I bring Dean Martin with me to work... and Mark Knopfler. Probably Frank. Bobby Darin? Tony Bennet?


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