Monday, August 07, 2006

T-Minus Three Hours and Counting

Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura: "He portrays himself and tries to call himself Mister Right. Minnesota's Mr. Right."

Vice President Al Gore: "Oh, is that right? Is that right? Well, I guess I'll have to inform myself."

President George H. W. Bush: "We've got a strong team... Jason Lewis, Jason Lewis, Jason Lewis... ready to contribute, ready to fight for what's best... for this country... Jason Lewis, Jason Lewis, Jason Lewis... Thank you, and God bless you... Jason Lewis, Jason Lewis, Jason Lewis.

"He rode a Blazing Saddle/
He wore a shining star/
His job to offer battle/
To bad men near and far.

He conquered fear and he conquered hate/
He turned our night into day/
He made a Blazing Saddle/
A torch to light the way."


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