Thursday, August 17, 2006

Light Blogging

As if you couldn't tell.

My father-in-law arrived last week, and he's been working around the house with projects my wife and I need done... so I haven't been 'round the computer much. The upside is I've also tackled a few personal projects. I'm even starting to clean out my game closet and table. (Hmmm... eBay or Good Will?)

Oh, I've commented in a few posts at Anti-Strib and even put together a couple of posts there... but that's easier to do than creating a whole new post for myself. Most of the topics that spur me to write something have been the kind of material best suited for the Anti-Strib.

That said, the Dutiful and Beautiful wife received mail that begs for comments. It is a catalog of seminars for a women's spirituality conference. (That might even be womyn's spirituality.) I'm starting to read it over, so hopefully I can cook something up this weekend.


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