Monday, January 08, 2007

Three Stitches

The boy and I love playing around... whether I lift him up and fly him around the room while playing John Williams score for Superman, lifting him up so his little feet can run without hitting the floor while play the score from The Incredibles, or running around the room like trains from Thomas the Tank Engine, or chasing around the house like Lightning and Sheriff from Cars.

Tonight, he was first Sheriff chasing me as Lightning McQueen, then he wanted to be Sheriff. I'm supposed to say the lines, "I haven't gone this fast in years! I'm going to blow a gasket or something," so he can say, "He's shooting me! Why is he shooting me? Serpentine! Serpentine!"

We spin into his bedroom and I scoot out. He turns around to come out and slips and falls. Now I didn't see it, but I bet his hands went up... like they do when you fall down. Unfortunately, one hand held a little oil tanker and another held a caboose. (Diecast Thomas the Tank Engine toys about three inches long and maybe two inches high.)

That caboose has a couple of ridges... enough to tear into an eyebrow if you were to fall on it.

The kid's tough. He didn't want it wiped, cleaned, dressed, bandaged, or pressed with a cold pack. Once the B&D and I learned that he was fine. However, the second I saw it I knew he would need stitches. I'll need to take a picture of the kid.

Since the nurse asked him about his favorite ice cream (he said chocolate) he wanted me to get some this evening. Nice distraction... both at the hospital and later at home. I don't think he remembers much. Not only did he behave the rest of the night, he didn't hesitate to wash his hands, say his prayers, clean up, eat all of his food, say please and thank you, brush his teeth, get ready for bed, and still quote movie lines. (From the new Pixar short "Mater and the Ghost Light" on the Cars DVD... I say, "Don't worry, buddy, it ain't real," and he responds as Sheriff with a loud and gravely voice, "It is real!")

That's my boy.

Chocolate... I mentioned chocolate ice cream. If you like Hagen Daaz make a point to look for the Mayan Chocolate. Damn! (Needless to say, I served regular chocolate to The Boy.)

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