Tuesday, May 08, 2007

For Eff's Sake

Wind storm blows down a power line and I get a power surge... one of the TVs blew and so did my computer's power supply.

Plus, I can't spend all day trying to pry the damn thing out of the box (which is a real trick, since the thing is crammed full of cables and dust) because I have a new assignment. While that's good, I can't easily use remote e-mail, Yahoo, Blogger, and so on... which is a little inconvienent.

Not only that, but Beautiful & Dutiful and I are looking at houses and lots. With luck, when we find something we can wait to sell our current house later... which would allow us to move in and organize everything. I have no idea where my X-Files-style flashlight and my crap-ass philips screwdriver are... or my batteries (for the two portable radios that have run out of juice, and Cars toys for the boy and me).

At least I saw Spider-Man 3 a second time. After that, my friend and I went to the Monte for a couple of drinks. The bad news for me was that it has been so long since I've really had a number of drinks in one sitting.

Result? A much bigger hangover than I've ever had with two cocktails. Two drinks. That was it!

I've got to get back to my old drinking routine.


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