Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The anniversary gift that was staring me right in the face.

It isn't bronze (although I found several pennies from 1944 to 1961). Rubber... a full-sized spare tire. She really likes the idea.

However, I haven't picked it up yet. We're currently on the Broke end of the spectrum, so we'll shop around briefly and buy it at the end of the month. Probably get a oil change, too. Maybe even a nice car wash.

She also liked the pennies. She thought that was cute. I made a nice super of sage pork chops, red onions, plum tomatos, and a salad. Ready as soon as she came home.

Now, what do I do for St. Valentine's Day? Ah, the saint's day turned into a mushy, secular yet pagan rite. We might have a nice dinner... I might even make it. The boy and I might bring her shopping, but only for some chocolate or (better than that) ice cream.

When your wedding anniversary comes so close to St. Valentine's Day, the heart-shaped box and roses lose their luster.


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