Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Boys' Week

The Beautiful & Dutiful left the house a couple of days ago.

Oh, she’s coming back… for her sins. She’s off on a business trip. She’s taking it kind of hard. She misses me (and, of course, the boy even more). So much she actually took ill Monday.

Her silver lining? Let’s take a trip in the Way-Back Machine… her previous business trip took her to New Orleans. The hotel she stayed in looked, by her account, terrible… if she phrased it politely. The kind of hospitality rats would refuse. Her complaints, and those of her colleagues, did not fall upon deaf ears. She now sleeps in a suite with a nice view, comfy bed, plenty of room, and most importantly free of obvious vermin. That said, even a suite is too far away for Momma.

She feels much better today. With luck she should feel fine when she’s back. Just to make sure I ordered “For Your Consideration” from Amazon. (My first Amazon purchase in some time… and I added another Columbo set.)

Unfortunately for the boy, I get back from work too late to actually do much with him. We had diner with my mother, although neither he nor I ate much. On the way home he saw a number of freight cars, so he wanted to speculate what kind of freight they held.


“Sure, but what kind of stuff, oh mystic whose powers are brighter than the sun?”

He ran off a number of things a toddler would load in a train or a semi-trailer. Lately, he the idea of hauling milk, tar, cakes, candles, and booze.

What a boy to think so generously upon his father.

Last night he wanted to watch more TV. Since he behaved so well earlier (according to the reports and my all-too brief time with him yesterday) I caved. Sure, part of my decision came from his wanting to see Doctor Who… which is a favorite of mine. However, he didn’t just ask to see Doctor Who. He asked for a specific scene from a specific episode by quoting a specific line.

“I want to see the Doctor wipe every last stinking Dalek out of the sky.” Followed by a beaming smile. (That’s from the last scene of “Bad Wolf” from 2005 with Christopher Eccelston and Billie Piper.)

He also wanted to see the Doctor save kidnapped bride-almost-to-be Donna Noble from a runaway taxicab on the freeway. (A very fun scene with music that sounds like a John Barry score for the early Bond films.)

Well… he enjoyed them so much he wanted to see more.

“See the Doctor kneel near the Daleks.”

Huh? To my knowledge (and I’m a pretty big Doctor Who geek), he doesn’t… although, I found the scene anyway. Right after a fun cliffhanger from the older series… a Dalek story from 1988 where his companion gets surrounded by Daleks while she frantically tries to assemble a rocket launcher. (Only now I realize how that must look on the BBC some twenty years ago… military weapons in the hands of a troubled teen girl?!?!?! Wow!)

I’ve gone from the wife out of town to Doctor Who.

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