Monday, October 08, 2007

Sitting and Waiting

What to write about? The Lakner case from the BWCA (or, as Soucheray refers to it, the BWCABACWAACWCWBCABBAACWCABAWACACAAACAWCA) didn’t move ahead significantly on October 1st (which should have been no surprise, but I was hoping otherwise). The beggar/would-be-burglar case has not moved ahead yet. Nothing else has really grabbed me recently… however, I haven’t been scouring the news for information much, either. I’m behind on reading a number of columns… namely Williams and Sowell.

Recently, I watched a couple of films in an attempt to whittle away the back-log of unseen films and series. Most of these were new. Kenneth Branagh’s “As You Like It” was pretty good, although I probably enjoyed “Much Ado About Nothing” more. Stalone’s “Rocky Balboa” pleasantly surprised me and the wife. We also set the Way-Back Machine for 1976 since she never saw “Rocky”. She was surprised that it didn’t fit the cliché that the franchise became. “Fantastic 4” proved to be quite enjoyable pulp… and we’re ready to borrow a friend’s DVD of the sequel. “The Shootist” was everything my friends said… a wonderful coda to the Duke’s career and to Western films.

Still to come… “The Great Escape” (which I started some time ago, but I keep getting interrupted), another Marilyn Monroe film, “Operation: Petticoat” since my wife loves it, the BBC/Derek Jacobi version of “Hamlet” from the early 80s, and “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

Every year in October I hope to sit my wife down in front of a horror film. She usually balks at the good ones, since they are usually pretty thrilling or frightening. A few years ago she gave in to “Alien”, but missed much of it. A little victory, I suppose. I really want her to see something like “Vertigo”, “Psycho”, “the original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, or perhaps one of the Hammer films (perhaps “Curse of Frankenstein” or “Horror of Dracula”). I suppose I’d settle for “Bubba Hotep”, “Jaws”, or “Fight Night”.


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