Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Traditions: part six

Christmas Day sees much the same… however, this time we do it all at with relatives and we tend to have a bar available for a tasty libation steady my reflexes and stiffen my resolve. I consider myself clever and intuitive if the present I give my father to yield a “Hmm,” with a nod. This has occurred precisely once… and that doesn’t disappoint me, in fact, one time in the span of my adulthood to be quite a feat. This year might well see similar results. Should we have sufficient snow I might use last year’s Christmas present (from my sister and her cool boyfriend) to cross-country ski.

Regardless, we’ll go home tired, worn out, and in need of a vacation. However, I’ll go back to work Wednesday in the hopes that all of my clients have taken the rest of the week off. With a post-Christmas light load at work I might just be able to finish my Christmas shopping.



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