Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Strib Letter: All-Day Caucus

Not a fan

Is caucusing fair? People who work second shift cannot attend. It is difficult for older people to get out on a winter evening or even get a volunteer to give them a ride. Parents of small children cannot take turns babysitting while the other goes to caucus.

The small window of time for people to attend a caucus vs. voting at a polling place that is open all day does not seem to be what a free society proclaims when it says it wants all voters to participate.

Let us have a real primary where people really have an opportunity to vote.


Byron, in some way or another voting isn't fair. Life isn't fair, either.

Perhaps a second-shift worker getting the day off or taking a sick day or taking a day of vacation to attend a caucus is difficult... but hardly impossible.

Perhaps the old or infirm may not easily get around on their own or get a ride and an escort to the caucus... but hardly impossible.

Perhaps parents cannot caucus together without a babysitter... but hardly impossible.

Perhaps folks in general cannot easily run out to an evening caucus because of the two hours or more window... but hardly impossible.

You might need to pay someone for a lift, to babysit, or miss some work and therefore have a smaller paycheck because of one day.

We as citizens get a vote, but it isn't free of inconvienence. Nor should the government make a trouble-free caucus. The inconviences do not mean we do not live in a free society. Freedom isn't diminished because you don't want to get a taxi or because some guy doesn't want to lose four hours on his timecard.

You are free to go, and you are free to stay home. You are free to hitchhike to the caucus. You are free to talk to your neighbors and organize a cheaper mode of transportation and help find someone to watch your neighbors' kids and lend or give a couple of bucks to the guy who works second-shift.

That's freedom.



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