Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Nine Years Married

What a heavy week. (Actually, more than a week, but that's just nit-picking.)

  • Lost an uncle... and quite a good uncle, too. (Probably going to blog about that soon, mostly because the material is too damn good.)

  • My uncle's funeral... saw a lot of family including some folks I don't often see. The eulogies were great, including the speech given by my old man. My boy sat through a complete Catholic funeral mass... a little figity, but aside from needing a trip to the bathroom he made it.

  • President Reagan's birthday today.

  • Last night's caucus... further evidence that I live in "a house divided". Her caucus story is more interesting than mine... and, in spite of the fact that she went to the DFL caucus, I am extremely proud. Also, the boy made his first steps into conservative beliefs.

  • My ninth wedding anniversary, with the day off from work.

  • Ash Wednesday... so the wife and I can't really have a great anniversary meal,

  • My wife leaves town for a few days on Friday... so we can't really have a great anniversary meal this weekend.

  • On the other hand, my boy and I have the weekend to screw around like a couple of kids.

  • However, I just learned that my dad's uncle (the last one) died yesterday and the funeral will probably be Saturday... so a little less goofing off, but a little more time with our family.

I started writing something and mulling over ideas for something else, then I was hit with one of these events. Then another. Then another.

I'll get to something soon. ;)


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