Friday, May 06, 2005

New Star Wars Score

So far, the new Star Wars score "Revenge of the Sith" hits far more than the immediate predecessor "Attack of the Clones" missed... not that difficult to do, but still I enjoy the new score.

More later. ;)

Later: Tuesday May 10th, 10:15 AM

Okay, when you talk about Star Wars I suspect some folks will immediately think the person is a bit of a geek. I suppose that is true to a certain extent, however as everyone knows the film series (at least in part) is regarded quite good to the point that it isn't just a sci-fi adventure... it helped define a time in our culture, our childhood, and so on. They entertain on various levels... not least of which includes the wonderful and memorable scores from composer John Williams.

Williams work is know by many ears throughout the world. If you didn't know his name you'd probably catch certain phrases of his music and suddenly think of a scene from a film. There are easily dozens of films with his music that are recognizable... Jaws, ET, Jurasic Park, Harry Potter, Catch Me if You Can, Superman (absolutely classic), and of course Indiana Jones. In fact, if you didn't see a movie he scored but somehow heard the music you'd probably recognize the style.

A harsh critic might say you might even recognize the same tune. ;) Listen to Leia's Theme in Empire Strikes Back and then listen to Marion's Theme in Raiders of the Lost Ark... at least a little similar. However, he's very enjoyable.

Other critics, like a friend of mine, say Williams enjoys Holzt and Bethoven so much that he borrows ideas from them... my friend also freely admits that even if Williams writing original music, it's damn fun!

Now, I said all that so I could say this.

I was underwhelmed by Williams' score for Attack of the Clones. Actually, I was quite unimpressed with the whole movie... but the music, for the most part, didn't match the quality of Williams' other work for Star Wars. The love theme for Attack of the Clones ("Across the Stars") is good, in fact it's the best music from the film, however there is precious little new music in the movie that was fun to hear. I waited for a two-disk release (much like the special release of The Phantom Menace score), but it doesn't appear to be in the works... perhaps there isn't enough music to cover two disks, or it isn't worth it.

That seems to have changed with Revenge of the Sith... there is more original music on the soundtrack. The opening theme eventually gets right into the swing of things... the music seems to substantiate rumors that the film kicks of with a big battle scene. General Grevious has a nice track. Several tracks were apparently written for more action and battle scenes. I loved the use of the old themes in the new score... the Imperial March, Qui-Gon's Funeral, and others fit well.

The lack of enthusiasm in the score of Attack of the Clones heralded my dislike of the film... hopefully the excitement of the score of Revenge of the Sith will mean that I'll grove on the film. Will George Lucas drop the ball? We'll find out soon enough. ;)


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