Saturday, December 24, 2005

Presidential Address on Christmas Eve

The good folks at Anti-Strib posted part of FDR's speech from December 24th, 1943. They found it in the December 22nd, 2005 Washington Times op-ed page... Let Freedom Ring placed it as an ad in the paper.

As (recently added commentator) Shark Bait from Anti-Strib says:
"It is a slightly abbreviated version of President Roosevelt's address to the troops and the nation on Christmas Eve, 1943. Its message is oddly pertinent today."

Address of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Broadcast from Hyde Park, New York
Christmas Eve, 1943

My Friends:

…Some of our men overseas are now spending their third Christmas far from home. To them and to all others overseas or soon to go overseas, I can give assurance that it is the purpose of their Government to win this war and to bring them home at the earliest possible date.

The American people … know that this is a tough and destructive war. War entails that. There is no easy road to victory.

I think I see a tendency in some of our people here to assume a quick ending of the war… And, perhaps as a result of this false reasoning, I think I discern an effort to resume or even encourage an outbreak of partisan thinking and talking. I hope I am wrong…

Tonight, on Christmas Eve, all men and women everywhere who love Christmas are thinking of that ancient town and of the star of faith that shone there more than nineteen centuries ago.

On behalf of the American people … I send this Christmas message to you who are in our armed forces:
In our hearts are prayers for you and for all your comrades in arms who fight to rid the world of evil.

God bless all of you who fight our battles on this Christmas Eve. God bless us all. Keep us strong in our faith that we fight for a better day for human kind – here and everywhere.

Presented in the Public Interest and Paid for by:

Let Freedom Ring
603 Fairway Drive
West Chester , PA 19382
John M. Templeton, Jr., M.D., Chairman


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