Thursday, December 29, 2005

Crying at a Movie

Tracy at Anti-Strib mentioned tear-jerker films in a recent post. He got me thinking about some of the films where guys tear up or at least get a little emotional.

On some level I seem to resist the typical heart-string tugery that most folks experience... I didn't weep or cry during "The Passion of the Christ" (although I found it moving all the same), nor did cry at the death of Bambi's mother any time after the age of eight.

However, for some reason I will get a little tear in films... films that I expect would have produced a tear in maybe ten other folks.
  • "Braveheart": After William Wallace discovers Robert the Bruce has betrayed him (and Scotland) on the field of battle... the scene ends with a fairly long shot of the Bruce sitting alone and obviously experiencing shame and guilt.
  • "Tucker, A Man and His Dream": Near the end of the film during the trial, Tucker makes his closing statements to the jury... evoking the spirit of Americans.
  • "Regarding Henry": When Harrison Ford's character discovers how much of his former life he is disgusted by... he wants to start a new life and be closer with his wife and daughter.
  • "The Untouchables": Andy Garcia's character is shot in Canada and the bookish accountant with coke-bottle glasses grabs a gun and charges at the mobsters in revenge.

I also get a little emotional during...
  • "Life is Beautiful": Joshua tells his father Guido that people get turned into buttons and soap and that the camp guards will burn them in the ovens... Guido protects his son (and his innocence) by acting stunned that Joshua will believe anything all the while you know Guido is even more scared for the safety of his wife and son.

What do you get teary-eyed over?


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