Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Day for Celebration: Update

A while ago I mentioned that the seventh anniversary traditionally called for a gift of copper or wool. Here's what the Dutiful & Beautiful Mrs. Badda-Blogger received... and loved:
  • Duracel batteries (the copper top)
  • Copper cookie cutter (bell shaped)
  • Copper coated salt & pepper shakers
  • Copper coated skillet
  • Coppertone tanning oil
  • One of the ugliest wool skirts you could possibily think of... especially for Liz Claiborne
Of course, some of this stuff will get returned for a nice purchase.

I got a nice shirt and a cool lighter for the fireplace (in the shape of a very large matchstick with a copper top).

More importantly Badda-Toddler gave us both a big hug, a big kiss, hugged us both, and then pushed our heads together and said, "kiss". Somehow he just knew, I guess.


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