Monday, February 06, 2006

The People are Revolting

You're telling me! (Definition of a traitor? Perhaps.)

James Lileks covers a little of the French Revolution... he even manages to compare and contrast the two basic groups of French folk who wanted change with the two basic groups of Lefties who want change now. wasn’t entirely a matter of the Poor Oppressed Peasants rising up against the let-‘em-cake-factions; a good deal of the opposition to the monarchy came from the upper middle class, which wanted larger portions of the cake for themselves. Faced with an ossified system that thwarted reform on one hand and grudgingly agreed to it on the other, the Thinking Class decided they were the vanguard of Electrified Liberty, and set in motion events they could not have anticipated. The sober voices wanted a new France, modern and progressive and civil and humane, and they made common cause with sharp clever men who wanted the same, but more. …

What more did they want? Go to Lileks' Screedblog today to see... and what the raving revolutionaries wanted appears to look like what some loonie lefties are asking for. (See the link I started with.)

Who else wants Bush gone? Oh, we've heard them before... apparently, lots of folks. The usual suspects, too. (Unfortunately, it also includes one of the real Usual Suspects.)

…I do not think that any of these people want anyone decapitated. I also do not think that any of these people would have told the woman to put the sign away. I do think that I will recall that sign when I hear their names again.

"But, but, but..." I can hear the spluttering right now. "Freedom of Speech, man... Freedom of Speech!" Don't you mean Free Market? The Marketplace of Ideas? Freedom of Association?

...and like the woman I started with in the link, we also will turn a blind eye to any such possible illegal act (regardless of how traitorous and, more to the point, bone-headedly stupid the act is).


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