Monday, February 06, 2006

Strib Letter: Evil Republicans


This is the sort of nonsense you expect from... well a hate-mongering gal who either believes nonsense or hopes to further her cause with folks who believe nonsense.

Can you spot the nonsense in this letter?
Then and Now, No Social Saftey Net
While watching the Masterpiece Theatre presentation of Charles Dickens' "Bleak House," I felt a sense of recognition. In Dickens' day, if you were not rich, you had very little hope of surviving any setback that might befall you. This is exactly the place the Republican Party is gleefully taking America today.

Traditional Social Security and Medicare provide the benefit of being part of a group and sharing the risk. Privatized retirement and health plans strip us of the safety we find in numbers. If you remain young and healthy, things may work out. But what if you become ill, have an accident, age, or join the 5 million Americans who have lost health insurance coverage since 2001? In 21st-century Republican America, if you are not wealthy, you may find yourself alone and in trouble.


As if that weren't enough it is a Letter of the Day no less! Oy Gevalt and Madonn'!

Let's just say her number of 5-million Americans is accurate enough (it probably is), just out of curiosity I wonder how many of those who have lost health insurance coverage since 2001 have since got it again? How many voluntarily dropped it and have no intention of getting coverage in the near or immediate future? How many of those folks are wealthy? What is wealthy to Mary Anderson? Does Mary want legislation to help Americans to avoid alcohol, tobacco, fatty foods, exposure to too much television?Just curious.

(Really? "Gleefully", Mary... are you nuts?)

By the way...
I have a nice little post at Badda-Blogger regarding at least one Loonie-Leftist and the French Revolution... they both want to kill their ruler??? Surely that can't be true.

(Don't call me Shirley.)



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