Thursday, June 22, 2006

Moron Protests Historic Fort Snelling

Not much on this story just yet, but yesterday I drove under a bridge near Fort Snelling. Protestors held banners calling for the dismantling of Fort Snelling... and when I say protestors I mean two.

The banners mentioned something about removing the imperialist fort... and something else. I called the Historic Fort Snelling and the gal I spoke with said these people started about a week ago.

All I can find so far (for free) was the following published on June 16, 2006, Page B6, St. Paul Pioneer Press:

Two photos were taken by Chris Ploydoroff including:

1) Tiffany Eggenberg of Prior Lake and her son Wyatt, 7, held a banner with other protesters on the Mendota Bridge near Historic Fort Snelling on Thursday. The group of about 10 people are urging the state not to fund renovations for the fort.

2) Native plants and prairie grasses spread before Fort Snelling. The fort is in need of major renovations, and protesters say taxpayers' money would be better spent tearing down the structures and returning the cleared land to the Dakota tribe.

Perhaps I'll get the photos. However, in the meantime I have this:
Tiffany Eggenberg, Minnesota

Tiffany Eggenberg

Although I'm cheap, I might fork over the cash to get the details.

Based on the gal from Fort Snelling, this ain't nothing but a couple of crazy-leftists (is there any other kind?) and I might not want to give them publicity... which is hardly anything that I could give them here on my blog. ;)


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