Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Strib-Letter: Stop Smoking on Private Property

Again with the anti-smoking blah-blah.

Backsliding on the ban

The latest evidence from the Surgeon General reinforces the fact that secondhand smoke is dangerous. Because it not safe for anyone to be exposed to secondhand smoke, even for a few minutes, I advise my patients to avoid it. However, now that the city of Minneapolis is allowing smoking rooms, it is not protecting all citizens from the dangers of secondhand smoke. What good is passing an ordinance if our public officials fail to execute on enforcement?

It is sad that our city and state are being dragged down by a minority of citizens who feel they are entitled to be the exception to any smoking ordinance. What makes them think they are entitled to inflict secondhand smoke and its associated costs and dangers on the rest of us? Get with it, Minnesota.


Get with it? Hmmm.

Yeah. Get with it, Minnesota... and Founding Fathers. Why should privatly owned property mean anything when the state has our safety at heart.

Here, Dr. Murray, is a concept you might not have considered. What makes you think non-smokers would want to go to a smoke room or even a restaurant (or other place) that allows smoking if it is such a deadly environment?

Vote with your feet and your own money... but don't restrict the rights of property owners.


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