Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Suspicion: Moving Garage Logic?

First, let me start by saying this is pure conjecture on my part.

Now, let me show you what I saw in my this morning.
The AM1500 KSTP Insider
August 1st, 2006

Just a short note this morning, Insiders.

First, an embarrassing acknowledgement of a mistake from the last
Insider that some of you kindly pointed out to me... Joe Soucheray's
wunder-fix-it neighbor is "Mr. Unbelievable". I blew it. Let that be a lesson
on the risks of multi-tasking and the value of proof-reading before you
hit "Send".

This is called the "AM1500 KSTP Insider" because we try to give you
info as if you were inside our station. The MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT being made
today at 2:06pm is not known by most-all of our staff, so you are the
same as if you worked here. Sorry, but a couple lawyers have advised us
to not disclose more until then.

By the way, the OFFICIAL announcement is only the beginning of an
entire Soucheray show that will be exclusive to AM1500 KSTP broadcast and
web stream only. The Garage Logic Network will get a "Best of GL".

Bob Davis returns Thursday morning. Covering his slot is Mike Brooks.
He is a former D.C. cop, federal anti-terrorist task force member,
airline security developer and has done reporting and commentating for CNN.

Good Luck during "Operation: Stay Cool."

Steve Konrad
Dir of Programming/Operations
am1500 KSTP "The Talk Station"

I heard Mike Brooks while driving to and from a couple of morning appointments. He signed off saying something to the effect of, "Thanks for welcoming me here"... which doesn't strike me as the sort of phrasing a substitute host would use.

I believe he's going to start hosting his own radio show during Soucheray's longtime Garage Logic slot.

Now, there's the possibility that KSTP will not use Mike Brooks as a new host... and instead they will use the disastrous choice of Sterling. If this is the case they are screwed.

I also believe KSTP will put up the only guns it has to battle Minnesota's Mr. Right, Jason Lewis on KTLK. (Lewis returns to Minnesota radio Monday August 7th at 5:00 pm. Whoo-hoo!)

I also believe Dave Thompson will get adjusted (only slightly) so his slot starts at 7:00 pm.

I also believe Mischke's going back to his rightful place... 10:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

There might be some other changes, or I might even be half-right about some of this conjecture... they might give another hour to Ron and Mark so Mike Brooks can have a two hour slot starting at 3:00... or perhaps they will end his slot at 4:00 and start Garage Logic early.

There is also the possibility that I'm WAY off on all of this.

I'm curious to hear what Mitch thinks.


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