Saturday, July 22, 2006

Letter to KSTP: The Response

Say what you want about the changes made by management at AM 1500 KSTP... this Steve Konrad guy responds fast.

I wrote him an e-mail comment regarding this Stirling (or Sterling) guy subbing for Mischke earlier this week. (Tonight, they wisely rant the Best Of the Mischke Broadcast, or BOMB as Kenny Olson called it.) A few hours later I received this:
Too much caffeine, perhaps, or delirious from the alledged drought?
Whatever... I do appreciate knowing. Thanks for the note.

I must confess, not only did I have a little extra coffee (and a delicious Doctor Brown's black cherry soda, courtesy of The Brothers), but I clearly ran a little long on my rant.

To be fair, I had to take a shot at KTLK's weak offerings (not to mention KSTP weak spots such as Krok, Willie Clark, and Rosenbaum). I like that he ran with my "Perhaps" rant, too.

One thought occurred to me... with Jason Lewis bringing back Radio Free Minnesota (in the form of the Jason Lewis Show on 100.3 FM KTLK) from 5:00 to 7:00 pm (moving Lambert and Janacek to who-knows-where, not that I much care) starting Monday August 7th, I wonder if they are grooming Stirling to take the 5:30 pm slot on AM 1500 to compete with Lewis.

The upshot is that Mischke could return to 10:00 pm. The downshot clearly hurts KSTP... using someone like Stirling to go up against Lewis is like arming yourself with a peashooter to take out Dirty Harry.


Of course, that's merely speculation on my part.


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