Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Hate Minneapolis Sidewalks

Working in an old building near the Monte Carlo. Great. However, most every sidewalk has bird shit on it. Now I need to burn my shoes. Now I agree that I cannot eat food that falls on the floor… even if it makes the Five Second Rule.

Nice little deli nearby. Great bead pudding. Looking forward to the stuffed peppers.

Speaking of Italian cooking, my parents bought me another great Italian cookbook. However, there is one major drawback… there are too many recopies for me to possibly try, let alone learn, unless I lived to 103.

One dish it does not appear to have… Timpano. Luckily, I already know how to make that well.

Last week (or earlier) the Anti-Strib folks posted a number of blissful moments from 200. Now that I am completely behind the bandwagon I’ll try to jump on.

  • Watching “Cars” with my boy in the movie theater… his first time to a theater.
  • Decorating our house with Christmas lights for the first time since we moved in.
  • Cutting down a huge Christmas tree.
  • Driving my boy home late one night and seeing houses with “Crimas lights!” along the way and in my old neighborhood.
  • Hearing the boy say, “Don’t call me Shirley,” after I set him up with the straight line.
  • Hearing the news that Hip J was moving back into town.
  • The first poker night after Hip J was back in town.
  • Staying up rather late at my friend’s wedding in January last year… all of us enjoying a couple of drinks and several stories.
  • Getting together at Old d’Artagnan’s house with the guys.
  • Watching the teaser to the season finale of “Doctor Who”.
  • Watching the first big set piece in the recent “Doctor Who” special from Christmas Day.
  • Learning about the new television movie for Sharpe (and, of course, seeing it).
  • Seeing my nephew and my boy goof off together.
  • My wife mocking my laugh, which encouraged my boy to join in.
  • Getting a phone call from Scout.
  • Getting a phone call from Gem.
  • Hearing Jason Lewis back in town.
  • The innocent words, “What was that noise, Daddy?”
  • The response to “Patriotic Duty and Sacrifice”

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