Saturday, December 24, 2005

On the Eve of Christmas!

Mulled cider, hot chocolate (made with real milk heated on the stove), maybe some tea or coffee (with additional Christmas spirits, if you know what I mean)... whatever tastes right.

Fresh cinnamon rolls, hot toast, English muffins, bagels (my son's current favorite for which he calls by name), maybe eggs, possibly Belgian waffles, or even hot oatmeal... whatever you crave.

The morning glow through the window coupled with the glow of Christmas lights on your tree... or maybe that's just the blur from your half-opened eyes (that are begging for just another thirty minutes of sleep).

Wearing comfy pajamas while walking barefoot through the house or covered in a robe, a blanket, two pairs of socks, slippers, thermal underwear, and sweatpants to take the chill off (in which case more Christmas spirit might be in order)... depending on how cold it is and if the heat works. Regardless of the temperature, a nice roaring fire glowing in the fireplace (where else) sets the mood for Christmas.

I hope you enjoy the miracle of Christmas whether you are a strict adherent, a casual observer, fallen away, a non-believer, or a terrible sinner like Scrooge. In fact, I hope the true spirit of Christmas visits all non-believers and all black-hearted bastards. We've got a lot of good folks who are non-believers, and maybe the spirit of Christmas will eventually melt the hearts of the terrible Scrooges for the sake of their own redemption.

We live in hope. Perhaps at least one theft, one assult, one bombing, one slander, or one something can be averted with the miracle of Christmas. As I say, we live in hope... I'm not going to put down any money on specific liars, bounders, and cads.

In any case, may you all have a Merry Christmas tomorrow!

(By the way, tomorrow I will post my Dean Martin scribbling to remember the tenth anniversary of his death.)


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