Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back in the Saddle Again

Hey, hey! I'm back downtown again for another stint of office nonsense. This time... very temporary, which is unfortunate as the money isn't bad, I'm walking to and from my parking space each day, the female-scenery is great downtown, the folks I'm working with are very nice, I get to stop by and see some of my former employers, and it is a very different kind of office.

I'm also working on a Mac for the first time in my professional career... which is very odd, and is slowing me down. Of course, it merely makes me better to know PC and Mac.

However, even with this assignment running short I have more silver poised and ready to line my party cloudy forecast. This gig probably won't materialize any time soon, but it sounds like it might start with some voice work and possibly proceed from there.

Oooooh! I just thought... if I walk fast I can stop by Brit's Pub again for lunch!

There's also The Brothers' Deli.

Ah! Working downtown feels just like being king.


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