Monday, July 17, 2006

Moron Protests Historic Fort Snelling: Update

About a month ago I commented on a ridiculous protestor who wants to see the end of Fort Snelling. (That’s Historic Fort Snelling… just call up the fort, they’ll tell you.) For some reason I got it into my head to do another search on the moonbat involved, Tiffany Eggenberg. Result? More on the story… and (possibly more importantly) some insight into Eggenberg.

The Twin Cities Daily Planet (just take a look at what they are all about) and The Pulse have a story on Coldwater Spring… property near the fort. A while ago, one of the plans included a land sale to the Minneapolis Airport Commission who would then build a multi-level parking garage and warehouses for airport vehicles. That plan faded away after the airline economy fell due to the 9/11 attack.

The National Park Service has some plans for the land.
An office park is one of the alternatives NPS is looking at for Coldwater's future. When Tiffany Eggenberg, a Mendota Dakota community member, heard "office park" she was "flabbergasted!"

"Office park! Oh my gosh, I am so appalled! I hadn't heard talk of this," said the mother of sons aged 13 and 7. "You know myself and my family want to be involved, the kids too. We are not church people and we never really did much praying before because we couldn't find a 'religion' or whatever you want to call it that we agreed with, until we became involved in the Mendota community.

"I will say it again, my kids learned how to pray at the spring and, well, so did I pretty much. It turns out we are very spiritual people and always have been as far as nature and the earth are concerned, now we have found an avenue to act upon our feelings and they are trying to ruin one of the most special places we know!

"We love Coldwater and want to be involved in preserving it," Eggenberg said. "The kids ask all the time, 'When are we going to Coldwater?'"
(Emphasis mine... kookiness Eggenberg's.)

I think that paints a certain kind of picture.


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