Friday, July 21, 2006

Letter to AM 1500: Dump Stirling

Mr. Konrad,
As a very long-time listener (twelve years or more) it is my duty to let you know that Sterling is perhaps one of the worst hosts AM 1500 has used in a major timeslot... and considering the fact that Chris Krok was on KSTP for two years and Willie Clark still is, that's saying something.

I would have described Sterling as an on-air personality, however, he seems to lack any sign of an interesting personality. The man has no charisma and an even worse voice. His topics are not engaging, and often repetitive (but I'm straying back into Krok territory again).

I know it is summer and you wouldn't dare try putting Sterling in any timeslot during any other time of the year, but even in summer the man is unbearable.

"How unbearable?" you might ask. Unbearable enough that I attempted to listen to Sarah Janacek and Brian Lambert. He makes Andrew Colton and Kelly Guest sound dynamic. He makes Mike Gallager sound professional. He makes Ron Rosenbaum sound entertaining and likeable.

Perhaps you're looking for a different audience base. Perhaps you're grooming Sterling for a regular slot. Perhaps you're shooing folks away from the post-Garage Logic spot for some reason. All of those show a colossal lack of judgement... and I truly hope that is not the case.

I understand that getting a substitute for Mischke is quite tricky... even more so in the 5:30 to 7:30 pm slot. I'm sure you don't want to use The Best of Mischke every time he's out (although, there are worse alternatives). Replacements for Mischke are nearly impossible... especially considering James Lileks has an affinity for the other station. Mischke is a tough act to follow... however, you guys must try better next time.

Thanks for the time,



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